Worldwide Lottery

You can place bets on F1 and football, but casino games are banned.

Singapore's state-owned lottery company Singapore Pools started offering its online betting service yesterday at 3pm.

It is the first of two companies to do so under new relaxed laws on online gambling.

Singapore Pools patrons can now place bets for popular lotto services such as 4D and Toto, as well as sports such as football and Formula 1.

Under the new rule, it is banned from offering casino-style games online such as poker and blackjack.

Users have to be over 21 and need to go to a physical outlet for identity verification.

"Many who like our lottery and sports betting games play for just a little flutter or social recreation. However, we recognize there may be a minority who may play beyond their means. As such, we have safeguards in place to help create a responsible gaming environment for all," Singapore Pools said on its website.

"We design and communicate our products in a manner that will not promote excessive and irresponsible play. We have low minimum bet amounts and offer a conservative range of sports bets," it added.

Horse-racing company Singapore Turf Club is expected to launch its online service on Nov 15.