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In accordance with our Purchasing Policy, the Connecticut Lottery Corporation (the "CLC") seeks written proposals from qualified executive search firms to assist us in conducting a nationwide recruitment for our next President & Chief Executive Officer. We will select the best firm in our sole discretion, based on our best interests.


Our Mission
mission of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation is to raise revenue m an entrepreneurial manner for the State of Connecticut, consistent with the highest standards of good public policy and social responsibility, by offering products to our players that are fun and entertaining and by ensuring the public's trust through integrity and honesty.

Our Vision
The Connecticut Lottery Corporation will be recognized as a
leader in the lottery industry, committed to helping the State of Connecticut achieve its revenue raising objectives. Furthermore, it is the Connecticut Lottery Corporation's charge to address problem and underage gambling by taking proactive measures to implement and support responsible gaming initiatives.

The CLC is a quasi-public agency created to generate revenue for the State of Connecticut's General Fund. The State of Connecticut has operated a lottery since 1972. In 1996, however, the Connecticut legislature created the CLC and transferred to it the operation of the state lottery (see P.A. 96-212, codified at Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 12-800 et seq.). The CLC's statutory purposes are to: "(1) Operate and manage the lottery in an entrepreneurial and business-like manner free from the budgetary and other constraints that affect state agencies; (2) provide continuing and increased revenue to the people of the state through the lottery by being responsive to market forces and
acting generally as a corporation engaged
in entrepreneurial pursuits; and (3) ensure that the lottery continues to be operated with integrity and for the public good." Conn. Gen. Stat. § 12-806(a). To achieve these goals, the legislature granted the CLC a broad range of powers. Conn. Gen. Stat. § 12-806(b ).

CLC, governed by a Board of Directors, currently has approximately 135 employees. The Board of Directors appoints all officers of the corporation, including the President & CEO. The additional twenty-five management positions are hired by the corporation, while the vast majority of the employees are represented by one of five (5) State of Connecticut bargaining units. The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection regulates the CLC. For additional information about the CLC, please visit

The Lottery has delivered more than $8.5 billion to the State of Connecticut for valuable programs and causes. This financial success reflects sound business planning and a commitment to integrity. In fiscal year 2015, the CLC achieved sales of $1 .144 billion, returning a record $319.7 million to the state's General Fund. Players won $707.7 million, and payments to retailers were $64.27 million. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, sales are expected to be $1.2 billion with another record return of $337.5 million to the General Fund. The CLC partners with nearly 2,900 retailers who sell tickets and the revenue they earn from the sale of Lottery products works to keep their profits and workforces stable.


The President & CEO of the CLC has the general charge, supervision, and control of the operation and management of the business. This role provides leadership and guidance in developing, communicating and implementing the Corporation's strategic plan and revenue-raising mission, while ensuring that the CLC continues to operate with integrity and honesty. See also Conn. Gen. Stat.§ 12-812.


The selected
search firm will, at a minimum:
• Work with
a Search Committee appointed by the Board of Directors to accomplish the selection process.
• Review the current position description of President
& CEO and recommend, if appropriate, modifications so as to attract the most qualified and experienced candidates.
• Identify potential candidates.
• Work with the Committee to determine the number of
candidates to be interviewed.
• Schedule and conduct initial interviews.
• Present and recommend finalists to the
Committee for subsequent interviews.
Complete thorough reference checks and verify academic and business credentials of finalists.
Assist with the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of an offer with a final candidate.


If you are interested in assisting the Committee in its search for the next President & CEO, please submit a proposal that addresses, at a minimum, the following factors:

A description of your firm and its experience in providing the services described above.
The qualifications, training and experience of your staff members to be assigned to this search.
A description of your methodology and approach to conducting a nationwide search,
including th
e approximate timeframe for you to present a list of one or more final candidates.
A description of any specific experience in placing executives within lotteries,
entities, quasi-public agencies, or other similar entities.
A description of any unique advantage to your approach that sets you apart from your competitors that the Committee should consider when making its selection.
The names, titles and phone numbers of a minimum of three (3) client references for which your firm has performed a similar executive search, including a description of
services performed.


Please include detailed pricing for the services described. Given its statutory mission, the CLC seeks pricing that evidence cost containment, value, and price efficiencies. Therefore, the CLC
ts the fee for services to be no more than $45,000.00.
he firm selected will likely be required to visit the CLC, in person, twice during the engagement.
he CLC will pay for the lowest reasonable pre-approved travel related costs, with the total not to exceed $2500.00. Please do not include these travel costs in your fee proposal; this is for your
information on


Please submit any questions you may have, in writing, to Jane M. Rooney, Director of Human Resources, by October 7, 2016, via email.
ease submit proposals to Jane M. Rooney, Director of Human Resources, by October 14, 2016, via hardcopy or email.
The contact
information is as follows:
nnecticut Lottery Corporation
Brook Street
ocky Hill, CT 06067
n receipt or the proposals, the Committee will review and may select one or more firms to

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