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Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

Weekly Update from Rich Muny, VP of Player Relations

We have more exciting news coming out of Pennsylvania. As you know, last week PPA Executive Director John Pappas’ testified before the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee. In his testimony he urged lawmakers to consider both the casino tax issue and iGaming and that combining the two issues would be the “quickest path to enacting meaningful reforms and helping local communities, protecting consumers and securing a new and consistent stream of revenue for the Commonwealth.”

The House listened. On Wednesday the full House passed a bill to license Internet poker in that state with a 108-71 vote. This bill also licenses online casino-style gaming and daily fantasy sports while addressing the casino tax provision the state Supreme Court found unconstitutional. But the fight is not over. The bill is now on to the Senate and that chamber has shown a reluctance to deal with iGaming, even though their approved budget relies on $100 million from regulated Internet poker and casino style games!

John Pappas shared his thoughts on this vote in a press release that I encourage you to read in full:

We thank the House for its support of online gaming today while taking up the critical local share tax issue and urge the Senate to take immediate action. There is no policy or political justification for the Senate to delay a vote. Every day that passes without robust protections, leaves consumers vulnerable and leaves revenue on the table.

Pennsylvania's budget for 2016-2017 includes revenue from online gaming licenses. The collection of these fees is especially critical now that Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue reports that tax collection is $218.5 million, or 3.2 percent, below estimate.

In recent weeks, thousands of Pennsylvanians have contacted their lawmakers to urge action. Protecting consumers while raising revenue without raising taxes is what Commonwealth residents want and deserve. Don’t once again kick the can down the road.

Please tell the PA Senate not to try to sneak in a quick fix to address the tax provision issue while kicking the online gaming provisions of the bill down the road into next year. They need to hear from us and know that the people want licensed poker websites in PA this year!

Take Action for PA

Pennsylvania state Sen. Kim Ward has tweeted a few times in reply to the many poker players and enthusiasts asking for her support. Please take a moment make and like respectful pro-poker tweets in response, encouraging her to push forward on PA online poker legislation:

Tweet Link 1
Tweet Link 1

Please also be sure to send this week’s all-new prefilled, editable poker tweets to the Pennsylvania Senate via the PPA Pennsylvania action page. Thanks!

Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny Webcast

On this week's show, PPA CO State Director & OnTilt Radio CEO Robin Jones joined me for a discussion on the latest on OnTilt Radio’s operations, poker activism, the presidential election, and Colorado issues. Please be sure to check it out!

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Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny airs live Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on OnTilt Radio. Each show features great guests and the best discussion on poker legislation. Please be sure to tune in every Tuesday evening at

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Proud to play,
Rich Muny
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